Some of the best ideas come from ordinary people trying to solve the problems they see every day, but some of them will never be shared if the ideas come from a woman or a minority. Discrimination has been shown to be common practice with these two groups in the lending world. So imagine being an African-American woman and wanting to start your own business. How many times will you be turned down?

Angela H. Brown is an African-American woman and has been a cosmetologist for over 35 years. She watched helplessly as her clients lost their hair and their self-confidence. She searched for products that would stop her clients’ hair loss and regrow hair, but what she needed didn’t exist.

She used her years of experience to develop a hair-care line. Her clients undergoing chemotherapy saw a reduction in hair loss. Her balding clients saw hair regrowth. She knew there were millions of men and women dealing with hair loss that would benefit from her products. She was ready to serve the world, but she needed a small business loan.

Angela found out about Communities Unlimited through the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce. She wanted a small business loan, but she says she got a whole lot more.

They have definitely held my hand and given me that platinum service that I actually needed. One thing about Communities Unlimited, they take you through the steps, but they grow you up fast. You are actually going to have to put in some work, but they guide you with this as well, and they are focused on what you need to be focused on, and that is launching your product and also staying in business.

She worked with Communities Unlimited to develop and put into practice a business plan with financial projections and a marketing strategy. Then she received a small business loan from Communities Unlimited to launch her line.

Thank God for Communities Unlimited! Because you said yes when everybody else said no.

She named her hair care line, D’Serv. She says,

D’Serv provides a treatment system that specializes in thinning, balding, and restoration and also natural hair, color-treated hair, stresses of all kinds. We’ve even grown men’s beards. This treatment system gives you instant gratification eliminating 100% of shedding the same day.

She wants to help people restore their hair and walk down the street with their heads held high full of hair. To further this mission, Angela has opened her D’serv Healthy Hair Salon. She designed the salon with a private room to give her clients privacy to remove their wigs or other head coverings. They can receive their treatment without feeling exposed or the object of unwanted stares.