Michael Mansfield from Edmond, Oklahoma started participating in full lock drift events in 2016, in between his full-time employment as an Air Force Officer. The sport, labeled “racing,” is a judged event where one person drives their car at a certain speed, and then sends it into a slide by maneuvering the steering wheel. Judges rank the driver, by the distance and quality of the drift. 

Full Lock logoMichael started holding events at multiple venues in the Oklahoma City Metro Area. As his hobby grew, so did his events, which evolved to 300-400 people in attendance. Michael knew that larger events meant that he would need to spend more time collaborating with multiple venues. 

Michael decided to make sure that his hobby continued to keep going in the area and use it as a supplement to his military retirement. He reached out to Communities Unlimited, after a referral from an Oklahoma accountant. He started working with CUs (Communities Unlimited), Senior Economic Development Officer, Debra Williams on his loan. 

Michael and his small staff at Full Lock Drift, work with its partners to continue bringing the fun and enthusiasm to the Oklahoma City area. 

For more information check out https://www.fulllockdrift.com/ or on Facebook. 

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