The D Bar B Water Supply Corporation (WSC) has a long history of Communities Unlimited (CU) assistance from an original Texas Attorney General (AG) referral and enforcement that caused the prior owner of the water and wastewater utilities to give up ownership and pay a fine. The Texas AG Order also required creation of a cooperative WSC to be the new owner of the water and sewer systems.

CU assisted with the creation of the new cooperative WSC and to seek financing for the construction of water and wastewater system improvements.

When CU originally visited the community, there were two hand-dug, brick-lined thirty-foot wells that served the community. The metal storage tank had rusted and was covered in a sheet of black plastic with a rope tied around it. The wastewater treatment plant was deteriorated and had not operated properly for some time.

In 2015, the WSC received a CU loan to refinance a prior high-interest bank loan that had financed the wastewater plant. The CU loan reduced the interest rate and improved the cash flow and emergency reserves for the system.

The new deeper public water supply well was completed in January 2018, with Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) funds. This allowed the community to stop using the shallow thirty-foot-deep well.

D Bar B Water Supply
The D Bar B Water Supply Corporation received much assistance from CU over the years and is now supplying water to its neighbors

After the new well was completed, the D Bar B WSC was approached by the next-door Dallas Hunting and Fishing Club to also receive water service and sewer treatment to their connections. This made D Bar B WSC have approximately 90 water and sewer customers, a 25% increase in customer base.

In 2021, the D Bar B WSC received their second loan with CU financing the purchase of an emergency generator for the wastewater plant. As of October 2022, they are awaiting invitation to apply for Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) funding.

“During the last several years, CU has helped us overcome many obstacles, including assisting with the loan paperwork, helping me with the computer work, and making things easy to understand. The CU team is a blessing, and I appreciate everything.”
-Doris Vallian, D Bar B WSC Board President

The D Bar B WSC is operating well with strong financial reserves, contracts and an experienced licensed operator. D Bar B WSC continues supplying healthy water to its customers.