The Village of Creola is an incorporated village in Grant Parish, Louisiana. It is located along the southern border of Grant parish. The Town of Creola has a population of 213 and was incorporated in 2022.

The village operates a sewage and treatment system and a police department. In addition, since its inception, it has worked general government functions out of a grouping of small portable buildings. The buildings were donated to the village towards the end of their lives. After 20 years, it was determined that it was not feasible to renovate the buildings.

Village of Creola city sign
The Village Of Creola was incorporated in January of 2002

The town decided to demolish and remove the existing buildings and temporarily relocate village operations into rented space while plans were developed for a new municipal building. Designs were prepared, and public bids were received. However, the low request exceeded the funds available for the complete buildout of the new municipal facility.

The village council determined that it would be best to proceed with the project as a phased development with the foundation, utilities, and exterior building as Phase 1. The buildout and finish of the interior spaces, walls, lighting, plumbing, etc., would be considered Phase 2. The Village of Creola contacted Communities Unlimited (CU) after an inquiry from CU’s Louisiana State Coordinator, Chris Brunson. The Village of Creola saved money and moved forward with the project.

The Village of Creola’s Mayor Danny Moore said, “I wanted us to have a building that everyone could be proud of, looked professional, and something that could be remembered.”

New multi-use building in Creola
The exterior of the new municipal building in Creola, LA.
New multi-use building in Creola
The Village of Creola's new municipal building will house village operations

In September 2022, the Village of Creola received a loan from CU. The new building was designed per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) guidelines. The administrative and police departments will work out of the newly constructed building.

“CU has been wonderful through the process. CU is eager to help everyone; you cannot put a price on that. CU will be my first and only call from now on.” 

 Danny Moore, Mayor of Creola