JAB Trucking and Logistics, LLC. is owned by Jarvis and Eboni Battles. The company is located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and strives to be a leader in the transportation industry by providing quality, safe, and on-time delivery of goods across the United States. JAB Trucking has a mission to ensure that all clients receive the highest level of customer service to perform their transportation needs with 100% accuracy.

Jarvis has been in the trucking business since 2018 and has owned JAB Trucking and Logistics since 2019. Jarvis and Eboni operate two trucks, Jarvis drives one of them and Eboni handles the office and financials.

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JAB Trucking located in Pine Bluff, AR worked with CU for a Small Business Loan and Entrepreneurship Assistance

In October 2022, the transmission unexpectedly broke down on their 2016 International Pro-Star Truck. The Battles knew that being down a truck would not benefit the company. They sent the truck to a repair shop in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. However, the repair bill was more than they expected. Not only did the Battles not have all the money for the repairs, they were also faced with storage fees to keep the truck at the repair shop. The shop gave them a deadline, but the couple needed to figure out how they were going to be able to come up with the funds to repair the vehicle. Jarvis invested his time and money into the business, but was unprepared for this unexpected expense. They were facing unexpected repair costs, and being forced to find a way to keep their company afloat with only one truck.

The couple contacted Communities Unlimited (CU) for a Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan. After speaking to CU’s Lending Team member, Jarvis started filling out an application for a loan to help with truck repair and working capital. During the loan process, Jarvis mentioned that he was very interested in some assistance with planning, forecasting, and improving his credit. The CU Lending Team introduced him to the Entrepreneurship Team for Technical Assistance (TA).

The Battles closed on their loan in January 2023. Thanks to CU, they can keep trucking down the road.

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