You’ve heard the saying, “But first, coffee.”  For Ashtyn Leinbach, of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, that phrase will take on a whole new meaning.  Ashtyn owns Perisseia Coffeehouse, LLC, and will soon start her mornings by brewing coffee for the community. The new coffee shop caters to the students of John Brown University and the busy traffic corridor of Highway 412, a major highway that runs through the middle of town.

Ashtyn grew up in Kechi, Kansas, and despite her young age, began her business journey while still in high school by running a small garden/nursery business. In college, Ashtyn worked for Elderslie Farm as an Assistant Manager of the creamery and agricultural area, where she got a wide variety of experience. In 2021, Ashtyn started a business called Abundantly Fresh, LLC. Abundantly Fresh is an organic gardening company that sold products at local farmer’s markets in the Wichita, Kansas, area. In 2022, Ashtyn closed the business to move to Siloam Springs to be close to family.

Ashtyn Leinbach and her husband Keaton
Ashtyn Leinbach and her husband Keaton are opening a new coffeehouse in Siloam Springs, AR soon with the help of a small business loan from Communities Unlimited's CDFI.

Ashtyn started thinking about her future. She had several years behind her in marketing but wanted something more rewarding. “I wanted to start something and be my own boss because I love that.” The gears started going off in Ashtyn’s head. Ashtyn shared that her family has a background of creating companies and being entrepreneurs, and she felt like she was on that path.

Ashtyn started to think of all the possibilities. She decided to start a coffee business. However, life got busy, her plan was detoured, and Ashtyn had to return to Kansas to take care of some health issues. However, this setback did not stop Ashtyn’s dream. As she worked through her health issues, she spent much time thinking about her new business. While researching a name, she found the Greek name “Perisseia.” The name means abundance and can be found in the Bible in the book of Psalms.

Perisseia Coffeehouse logo

Ashtyn explained, “I am just thankful to the Lord, and I took it as my cup overflows through the meaning of Perisseia.”
During Ashtyn’s research for small business funding for Perisseia Coffeehouse, she looked at several lending options and narrowed them down by reviews and percentage rates. It was then that she came across Communities Unlimited (CU).

“The best thing about it was the communication; there was just solid communication, and the other places did not have that, which caused a lot of frustration and stress.” Ashtyn shared. Ashtyn felt like she had a team at CU that would walk her through every step and keep her posted on what was going on with her loan. She is thankful for CU’s investment in her and the business.

“I probably would not be where I am without the help and support CU has given me, and the Lending Team took away my stress.”

— Ashtyn Leinbach, Owner, Perisseia Coffeehouse

Ashtyn is excited about the next steps. In the next few months, Ashtyn will make the space into her own and make it more suitable for a coffee shop. She plans to make it feel relaxing and friendly for students and the community. Her mom is excited to start decorating, and her dad and husband, Keaton, have been big supporters.

Perisseia Coffeehouse is set to open in the next few months, and Ashtyn is excited to serve an abundance of coffee at Perisseia.