In case you missed the big broadband funding news on Monday (6/26/23), President Biden handed out over $40 billion dollars to states for broadband infrastructure deployment as part of the historic BEAD (Broadband Equity Accessibility and Deployment) grant program.

Each state will receive a minimum of $100 million dollars, and nineteen states will receive over $1 billion dollars from the $42.5 billion dollar broadband funding program. The funding amounts were determined by splitting the available funds among all states and US territories based on need. This was determined primarily by the Federal Communications Commission’s broadband coverage map, which shows there are a least 8.5 million locations in America still without access to high-speed internet.

The highest broadband infrastructure allocation went to the state of Texas, which received $3,312,616,455.45. Funds will go directly to states, which will then create grant programs for broadband infrastructure deployment projects.

Grant applications windows will be announced by each state soon, more information can be found at each state’s broadband office website

CU Bead Brandband Infrastructure Program allocations
CU service area allocations in the BEAD (Broadband Equity Accessibility and Deployment) grant program announced 6/26

“This is a watershed moment for the millions of people across the country who lack access to a high-speed Internet connection who will soon have this necessary service to learn, work and play. States can now plan their grant programs with confidence and engage with their communities to ensure they spend this money where it is most needed.”

— Alan Davidson, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communication and Information

The state-by-state BEAD allocations for broadband infrastructure for Communities Unlimited service area:

Alabama: $1,401,221,901.77
Alabama Broadband Office

Arkansas: $1,024,303,993.86
Arkansas Broadband Office

Louisiana: $1,355,554,552.94
Louisiana Broadband Office

Mississippi: $1,203,561,563.05
Mississippi Broadband Office

Oklahoma: $797,435,691.25
Oklahoma Broadband Office

Tennessee: $813,319,680.22
Tennessee Broadband Office

Texas: $3,312,616,455.45
Texas Broadband Office

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