Partnership With A “Pig” Purpose

A local Arkansas pig farm and the North Little Rock School District partnered to bring local products to their school lunch menu. The story of how one school district is teaming…

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WSBZ Farms Uses Grant To Benefit All

Liz Bell-Simpson and her daughter Josefina Thomas have used a trailer from Cargill's Black Farmers Initiative to create a beneficial partnership for other small-scale growers in…

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People come to Memphis for the music, food, and history, but for Romona Watts, Memphis is more than that; Memphis is home, Memphis is family, and Memphis is where she wants to…

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M is for Melody, Macarons, Moms and Malls

To say that Melody Davis has a “sweet” job would be true. However, the journey to get there required a little dough. Melody Davis owns Melody’s Macarons, a gourmet bakery store…

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Resilience In Gordon Alabama

Through many setbacks, an Alabama town partners with Communities Unlimited to insure it's water/wastewater system is in compliance and reach financial stability for the future.

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Arkansas Small Business Gets A Clean Start

Tabatha Vail from Marion, Arkansas, aimed to further her healthcare career. However, Tabatha’s vision for her future quickly changed. She decided it was time for a change in her…

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Earl Washington from Jackson, Mississippi, owns U.S. Coating Specialties & Supplies, Inc., which specializes in cleaning supplies, and commercial and industrial equipment for…

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Raising Spirits In The Delta

Harvey Williams Jr. and his family have called this area home for many years. Harvey and his wife, Donna, own Delta Dirt Distillery in the Arkansas Delta. The couple and their two…

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Caribbean Roots Lay Foundation For Memphis Entrepreneur

Ashton Knight spent her teenage years playing with all types of makeup but continually struggled to find the right product for her unique style and skin tone.

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