Community Sustainability

Communities Unlimited works in communities, to help create an inclusive strategy for entrepreneur development and sustainable wealth creation. We bring a variety of services directly to communities and connections to our partners for access to other resources.

Our Community Sustainability work engages community stakeholders from all sectors to help them move to a position of self-reliance and prosperity.   The facilitation process involves the organization of a diverse community leadership team to engage community stakeholders, evaluation of community resources and opportunities, creation and implementation of a strategy that builds on opportunities and addresses barriers to economic growth and equipping the community with tools to sustain and continue to grow the strategy.   The work strives to showcase the resources of the community and resources of our partners working collectively with the services of Communities Unlimited for deeper impact in the community and strives to create change in communities, resulting in:

  • ALL residents doing better with improved skills to qualify for higher-paying jobs.
  • Opportunity for earning more and building careers.
  • Ability to put something aside for the future, e.g. building assets, so they are more resilient.
  • Better future prospects so they can give back their time, talent, and even treasure to the community.
  • Local ownership as an anchor that helps wealth stick.
  • Relationships among community partners to create the foundation for success.

Currently Communities Unlimited is piloting this different way of doing economic development in communities in Texas and Arkansas. Additional information about this work is below.

Clarksville, Texas

CU is working with the Clarksville Community Sustainability Initiative to assess local opportunities and develop a comprehensive community sustainability strategy that will include a focus on entrepreneurship development and other community-defined action plans that will move Clarksville and Red River County toward long-term sustainability through a virbrant local economy.  The Initiative partners include the Clarksville Texas Economic Development Corporation, the Zip Code Connection Project, Communities Unlimited and local community leaders.

Saturday, January 21, 2017 - Ines Polonius, CEO, Communities Unlimited will present WealthWorks training in Clarksville.  Click HERE for a copy of the presentation.





DeWitt, Arkansas 

One example of our work was recently highlighted in an article about Delta Bioenergy, an economic development strategy facilitated by the Community Sustainability team.  Delta Bioenergy is a collaborative of local businesses and farmers working to create jobs and energy self-reliance through community recycling and crop production. To learn more about this initiative visit the Delta Bioenergy website at

To learn more about how CU used value chain creation and the WealthWorks economic development model to facilitate the creation of Delta Bioenergy click HERE.


Dumas, Arkansas

CU is working with the community of Dumas to identify several barriers and challenges that hinder entrepreneur development and economic growth.  This work is part of our partnership with the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship (CRE) and their proven model for developing entrepreneurial ecosystems.  The local leadership in Dumas, called the Community Sustainability Team, completed their assessment last year and has identified interest in building economic opportunities around the arts.  The CS Team integrated several artisan strategies into their economic development plan.  Accomplishments to date include, 1) the College of Aspiring Artists launched, 2) Art Center under new management hosted several events, and 3) participation in a regional tourism network completing an inventory of tourism assets.  To hear community members discussing the potential impact of artisan entrepreneurial development click the picture below for a short 3 minute video presentation.


VIDEO: Dumas community members discussing potential with artisian entrepreneurial development


Tools and Resources

When working with communities, we bring a multitude of resources, tools and support to economic development initiatives.  This includes our ability to provide technical assistance and financing for community facility projects, community water, wastewater and solid waste infrastructure, entrepreneurs and small business owners, and proven models for helping communities develop local leadership to assess, select and implement economic development initiatives that create sustainable prosperity. As in Dumas, this includes our partnership with CRE and the adoption of their proven model for building entrepreneurial ecosystems. It also includes our work as a WealthWorks hub and value chain facilitator which supports the Delta Bioenergy initiative in Dumas.  For more information about these tools and partnerships please click on the images below.