Comprehensive Services

  Financial Management Tools
Cash-flow (proprietary) Implement cash-flow spreadsheet designed to project cash inflow and outflow, helping to plan and manage cash
In-house accounting system Provide assistance in identifying and installing right system, training employees to use new systems. Implement needed record keeping systems
Manual bookkeeping system Manual system developed for clients without computers or computer skills. Implement needed record keeping systems
Developing and controlling budgets Assist in developing a budget and process for tracking actual expenses compared to budget
Financial forecasts Using a proprietary financial model, forecast business performance, expansion, planned changes, etc.
Cost reduction strategies Using financial management tools, develop a detailed strategy for managing and reducing costs to reach profitability
Wealth building Educate client about strategy to build assets and wealth while leveraging outside resources
  Planning Tools
Strategic Planning 3 year Proprietary planning with clear action steps to position and assist company in growth
Operations Planning Design necessary processes together with management and staff to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction
Marketing Planning Identify market and market opportunities and ways to reach those opportunities
Succession Planning Develop plan for business continuation
Financial Planning Comprehensive plan to identify financial needs and goals
Project Planning Developing plans for specialized or one-time projects
  Loan Packaging Tools
Determine loan needs Develop financial model to determine actual working capital and/or growth capital needs
Prepare business plan Develop detailed business plan that client can use to secure financing, investments and manage business growth
Prepare financial projections Develop projections for use in securing loan and managing day-to-day performance of business
  Operations Tools
Customized operations manual Outline key business processes for new and existing employees
Production and control systems Internal controls for use by employees and management to solve key production/operation issues
Inventory management system Computerized or manual system for tracking purchases, sales and remaining inventory
Job tracking system Work order process to track individual jobs through manufacturing process
Policies and procedures Customized template to develop employee policies and describe key business processes
Workforce balancing Evaluation of business workflow with recommendations to re-deploy or cut staff
Streamlining order processing Develop systems to track orders from order to delivery
Work scheduling system Develop work flow to effectively move work through processes
Customer Service Training for all employees to provide superior customer service in the context of client business
  Analysis Tools
Financial analysis Review of historical financials for trends and comparison to industry standards
Sales opportunities analysis Identify new market opportunities
Competitive analysis Evaluation of existing competition and potential competition
Process analysis Determine steps and employees required to complete a process efficiently. Determine employee skills
Pricing analysis Determine highest possible price at which a company can still compete in order to increase its margin and allow it to better pay its employees
  Training Tools (one-on-one and group)
Managing financial statements Skill building and coaching for business owner, manager or key employee
Cash-flow management Train manager or employee to implement and manage cash using proprietary tool
Collecting accounts receivable Increase cashflow to allow company to more easily meet and/or increase payroll
Basic computer skills Train key employees with basic computer skills
Various workshop series Recommend workshops as needed
Pricing strategy Evaluate direct and indirect structure to determine pricing in market
Use of internet Train clients to utilize internet for market and industry research
E-Commerce Tool Guide clients in identifying affordable e-commerce solutions and content for website
Strategies to develop new prospects Conduct market research to identify new customers, develop strategy with sales team develop strategy from first contact to deal closing
  Assessment Tools
Business plan reviews Review and feedback on existing business plans
Assessment of management issues In-depth assessment of management capacity and challenges
Analysis of human resources Identify and structure employment positions that company needs to fill to support growth
  Software Implementation/Training Tools
Accounting software Implementation and training on QuickBooks Pro software and long-term software support
Email software Utilization of HP SmartStart training software to train clients and their employees on effective use of email
Connecting to the internet Utilization of HP SmartStart training software to train clients and their employees on effective use of the internet
Spreadsheet software Utilization of HP SmartStart training software to train clients and their employees