How We Help

At Communities Unlimited, we help communities, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and families move away from poverty and toward sustainable prosperity.

We listen closely to our clients and together we create strategies that are specifically tailored to each situation to help build a thriving community.  We provide a range of programs that help communities spur local and regional economic development.


For more than a decade our team of management consultants have helped thousands of small businesses grow, offer jobs, and create new wealth in their communities. We go on-site and deliver in-depth consulting,and innovative lending programs designed for our clients to solve problems and grown their business. Our strategy is simple but highly effective–we learn about your company and customize a strategy specifically for your business and situation.

Water/Waste Water

With infrastructure rapidly aging in most of our nation's 54,000 community water systems, the clean water and drinking water industries face a significant challenge to protect the public health and environment in rural America.

Our water and wastewater program provides on-site technical assistance and training for local officials and residents of small towns and rural communities (populations less than 10,000) with community water supply and wastewater disposal problems and issues.


Through its lending programs, Communities Unlimited helps communities, small business owners, and families. 

Water/Waste Water Loans
Communities Unlimited offers loans to help rural communities make repairs and improvements to maintain an uninterrupted supply of safe drinking water and wastewater disposal for their customers.

Small Business Loans
Small businesses play a crucial role in a community’s economic stability.  Through our small business loan products, Communities Unlimited makes loans to local businesses to help them prosper, create jobs, and contribute to local economic growth. 

Homeowner Loans
Our Nuestra Casa Loan Program provides short-term financing to low-income residents in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. These loans make it possible for low-income homeowners to complete basic construction projects, add or renovate living spaces, and get basic services like safe water and sanitation.

Technical Support

Communities Unlimited provides professional information technology support and guidance at an affordable cost. Our experienced staff provides customer-focused services tailored to each organization's individual technological needs.