communities unlimited loan programs​Loans

for Water/Waste Water, Small Businesses, and Housing

Through its lending programs, Communities Unlimited helps small communities maintain basic services like safe drinking water and wastewater disposal and helps small business owners reach profitable growth leading to new local jobs and opportunities. ​

Additionally, our Nuestra Casa loan program helps low-income residents in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas improve their living conditions.

Communities Unlimited began making loans in 1992 and since that time has loaned more than $42 million. In 2001 Communities Unlimited was certified as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Water and Wastewater Loans

Communities Unlimited offers loans with terms up to 15 years for small, rural community water/wastewater projects. These loans enable rural communities to make the necessary repairs and improvements needed to maintain an uninterrupted supply of safe drinking water and wastewater disposal for their customers.  Learn more about our water and wastewater loans.

Small Business Loans

Nationwide small businesses provide between 70% and 90% of all new jobs. In the areas served by Communities Unlimited small business often provide 100% of the private local jobs. Through its small business loan products, Communities Unlimited makes loans to local businesses to position them for profitable growth leading to more jobs and local economic growth.  Learn more about a loan for your business.

Nuestra Casa Loans

These loans provide short-term financing to low-income residents in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Homeowners use these loans to build or improve their homes incrementally, and in accordance with their unique needs and financial capabilities.​ Learn more about our Nuestra Casa loans.

Household Water Well System Loans (HWWS)

Homeowners in Missisppi who qualify can use these loans to drill a new well, rehabilitate an existing well or for well treatment installation.​ Learn more about our Household Water Well System loans.