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Helping Communities with Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Our water infrastructure makes it possible for us to have access to clean and safe water. However, much of our water and sewer infrastructure across the nation has aged to the point that is needs to be replaced. Small and rural communities with tight budgets and limited resources face a significant challenge to protect the public health of our water supply.

At Communities Unlimited, through our work with thousands of small water systems, we’ve become an expert on small community, water and wastewater system operations and management.

Water/Wastewater Services

Our water and wastewater program provides on-site technical assistance and training for local officials and residents of small towns and rural communities (populations less than 10,000) with community water supply and wastewater disposal problems and needs. Technical assistance and training is focused on:

  • Improving community and environmental health
  • Complying with state and federal health standards
  • Providing sustainable water and wastewater disposal services, and
  • Improving the capabilities of local leadership to address current and future needs. 

Water/Wastewater Loans

Through our partnership with RCAP, Communities Unlimited offers loans for small, rural community water/wastewater projects.  These loans enable rural communities to make the necessary repairs and improvements needed to maintain an uninterrupted supply of safe drinking water and wastewater disposal for their customers. Learn more about our Water/Wasterwater loans.

Communities Unlimited provides water and wastewater disposal assistance to communities through a national network of six organizations collectively known as the Rural Community Assistance Partnership, Inc. (RCAP), which is the oldest nonprofit service-delivery network in the nation providing field-based, on-site assistance to low\-income and rural communities by addressing community facility problems and needs.