Resources & Reasearch

RCAP’s Managerial & Financial Hub: Resources for small water systems.AA

The hub is a one-stop shop for small water systems. The hub contains information on 11 finance and management topics, training and access to local experts from RCAP’s national network of experienced managerial and operations professionals.

Visit the RCAP Hub HERE.

Transforming Persistent Poverty in America: How CDFIs Drive Economic Opportunity

The Partners for Rural Transformation are driven by a vision of a future where persistent poverty no longer exists in our nation and seek to unify around diverse opportunities in communities of Native people, Latinx individuals, and rural white and black residents in a time of great division in our nation. Read HERE.

The SOAR Fund partners with 13 CDFIs, including Communities Unlimited.A

“SOAR will help us reach more entrepreneurs in order to help them pivot, recover and rebuild from COVID19,” Ines Polonius, CEO-CU. 

Small businesses & nonprofits with < 50 full-time employees in 15 southern states can apply for up to $100,000. Learn more HERE.