Mark Pearson

Mark Pearson

Community Facilitator

Community Sustainability

Mark Pearson, Community Facilitator, is based out of Austin, Texas, and joined Communities Unlimited in 2004. Mark works in community outreach, and strategic planning in low-income and underserved communities, while collaborating with community leaders. He has worked with infrastructure finance community management for water and wastewater for more than 17 years. He currently supervises two staff members assisting more than 30 community water and wastewater systems throughout West Texas. He leveraged more than $4 million in community infrastructure financing last year. He regularly participates in the Texas Water Infrastructure Coordinating Committee (TWICC) with state and federal agency partners. He received a bachelor of arts University Scholar/Liberal Arts degree from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and a master of science degree in Economics from Baylor.  


Mailing Address

501 W Croslin St
Austin, TX 78752-2437


Phone: 479.443.2700 Ext. 229