Katy Parrish

Katy Parrish

Project Coordinator/Management Consultant


Katy Parrish, Project Coordinator for Entrepreneurship, located in Amarillo, Texas, joined Communities Unlimited in August 2020. She comes from a background of marketing, management and community outreach. At Communities Unlimited, she provides technical assistance in the areas of business financials, bookkeeping, strategic management, growth management, turnaround and digital marketing. She received a bachelor of Business Administration degree from Texas Tech University and a master of Business Administration concentrating in International Business from Louisiana State University in Shreveport.  

Mailing Address

3506 NE 24th Ave
Amarillo, TX 79107-6996


Phone: 479.443.2700 Ext. 246

Email: Katy.Parrish@CommunitiesU.org