Marnell Love

Marnell Love

Senior Management Consultant


Marnell Love, Senior Management Consultant in Memphis, Tennessee, began working with Communities Unlimited in 2020. He works daily to provide one-on-one assistance to small business owners and entrepreneurs to guide them in building, growing and sustaining their businesses. In addition to assisting small business owners and entrepreneurs, Marnell serves as a chaplain for the Sardis Fire Department in Sardis, Mississippi, providing care and counseling to firefighters, their families and victims of fires or accidents. He is a member of The Federation of Fire Chaplains. He also serves as a chaplain for hospital patients and those in palliative care. His education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Business Management, a Master of Business Administration in Finance, a Master of Science in Industrial Management and a Doctor of Education in Management and Employee Training Practices internationally.  


Mailing Address

1355 Lynnfield Rd, Ste 189
Memphis, TN 38119-5807


Phone: 479.443.2700 Ext. 242