2023 Annual Report


One of the most important things to remember is that housing is more than just a building.

We define housing where home, infrastructure, community, and resources meet. From building new homes to repairing water systems, a community’s housing system is directly impacted by the built structures and social resources.

CU, Partners For Rural Transformation, cdcb and WeCenter/WeBuild on a visit to Pine Bluff, AR to announce housing developments in the community.

The strategic blending of Communities Unlimited’s Environmental and Housing work is a novel approach that combines those two areas in ways not usually seen. Communities Unlimited has the capacity and insight to address environmental issues and rural public housing. Housing quality directly affects the daily lives of families. Many communities lack the capacity or resources to identify and address issues. Communities Unlimited’s Area Director of Housing Audra Butler developed the Comprehensive Housing Needs Assessment, Communities Unlimited can help communities identify, plan for, and manage the problems within the intersection of housing and environmental.  

At Communities Unlimited, we understand that the US housing system was built of exclusion and racism compounded by the lack of resources and access in rural, persistent poverty areas. It is time we create a new pathway for rural America to COME HOME.  Communities Unlimited COME HOME housing approach is a holistic, community-centered and focused on capacity building, technical assistance, resources, and funding development.


Has four key components

Housing Needs Assessment

Resource Portfolio Development

Strategic Planning

Flexible Lending Solutions

We have implemented the COME HOME approach in Dumas, AR, guiding the community through a housing needs assessment and strategic planning processes.  Led by the Dumas Housing Taskforce, this community has rallied around the COME HOME approach as they take charge of housing solutions in their hometown.  

This dynamic community in the heart of the Arkansas Delta is leading the needs assessment process with guidance and technical assistance from our housing team. The information they gather will be used to develop a strategic plan and expand the community’s resources and housing services.   

In Pine Bluff, AR the Housing team is expanding the come dream come build (cdcb) DreamBuild model, in partnership with WE Center and bcworkshop. Through this partnership, 12-15 new homes will be built by WE Center and placed in low-income and Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (ALICE) neighborhoods in Pine Bluff, AR. Communities Unlimited will provide wrap-around services, such as housing counseling, pre-purchase homebuyer education, and post-purchase owner support.  

Future plans are to continue building the capacity of rural communities to address their housing needs. We will expand the capacity to address their housing needs. We have added two new staff in 2023 to the Housing Team to help reach these goals. 

The Dumas Housing Taskforce were fundamental to bringing an innovative home improvement funding program to their community.