2023 Annual Report


Winslow, Arkansas, is a city in southern Washington County. Located in the northwest part of Arkansas, the community was a stagecoach stop for many years. On December 11, 1876, the town received its first post office. Winslow grew significantly upon completing the Winslow Tunnel, which allowed the St Louis-San Francisco Railway (Frisco) to run through the steep Boston Mountains south of Washington County. In August 1881, the town was officially named Winslow in honor of Edward F. Winslow, president of the Frisco Railroad. The town became somewhat of a resort area after many wealthy families from nearby Fort Smith started spending their summers there to enjoy Winslow’s beautiful scenery. Winslow has a current population of approximately 365 people.

Winslow residents depend on the City of Winslow Water Department for their water needs. The water distribution system was constructed in the late 1980s to provide primarily residential users in its city limits and others adjacent to its transmission main from Lake Fort Smith Treatment Plant to approximately 5.5 miles north of Winslow into the Brentwood Community.

Winslow, AR
Winslow, AR is receiving assistance from CU on a project that updates the system to assist with meeting the city's current and future needs.

The 35-year-old water system currently serves approximately 670 connections, which expanded from its original 237. Communities Unlimited (CU) Environmental Team has previously worked with the city to assist them with their needs, so they reached out again in February 2023.

The City of Winslow began working with CU’s Arkansas State Coordinator, Brad Jarrett. They started discussing pre-development loans and asset management opportunities to assist them with engineering costs. CU’s Community Environmental Management Specialist, Cherub Alford, spoke with the city regarding a list of documents needed for the loan application to assist the city with engineering costs required to connect them to a water system with adequate, quality, potable water.

This project will update the current system to assist with meeting the city’s current and future needs while continuing to meet state guidelines.

Mayor Randy Jarnagan is no stranger to the community in the City of Winslow. He has been part of the community for years and has been mayor/part of the city council since 1986. He is grateful for the bond the City of Winslow and Communities Unlimited Environmental staff have formed.

“We’re at a point where we have a relationship; it’s pretty cool stuff.” Mayor Jarnagan said about working with CU Arkansas State Coordinator Brad Jarrett and Community Environmental Management Specialist Cherub Alford.

“Winslow was a great community to work with for the first pre-development loan in Arkansas.  Since this was a new process, we were all learning and navigating the bumps in the road together. They were always prompt in responding to any request for information.”

— Rhett Douglas, Communities Unlimited

CU continued working with the city throughout February to complete the application. In early March, CU reviewed the loan requirements with the City of Winslow. At the end of May 2023, the city closed on its loan with CU. CU continues to work with the City of Winslow as this project continues.

“It is so helpful and great to have an organization such as CU in our corner. If they don’t know the answers, they’ll research to find out,” The City of Winslow, Recorder/Treasurer, Ann Malkie, said.