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At Communities Unlimited we understand that the US housing system was built on a track of exclusion and racism that is compounded by the lack of resources and access in rural, persistent poverty areas. It doesn’t matter how new the train is or who the conductor is, if the track is laid the train will continue to arrive at the same destination.

We believe...

Housing quality directly effects the environment that families live and work in daily, including air quality, water quality, and the quality/health of built structures, and the environmental and housing implications of a natural disaster.

We acknowledge...

Many communities lack the capacity or resources to identify and address issues within the built environment- utilizing our Comprehensive Housing Needs Assessment, we can help communities identify, plan for, and address the issues that fall within the intersection points of housing and environmental justice.

We understand...

By working within persistent poverty communities, specifically those with higher BIPOC populations, we would be serving the communities most likely to experience housing and environmental disparities and really reflect the ideas of justice within these two areas.

It is time we raze the tracks of a broken system and create a pathway for rural America to COME HOME.

What is COME HOME?

COME HOME is a holistic, community centered housing approach with focus on local capacity building, technical assistance, resource development, and housing fund and lending development.

COME HOME has four key components:

Housing Needs Assessment

Strategic Housing Planning

Resource Portfolio Development

Innovative Lending

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Housing Education

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

*Communities Unlimited, Inc. is not affiliated with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae offers a free Homebuyer education course. The first section covers the following topics:

  • To rent or buy
  • Things to consider before buying
  • Credit Score
  • Improving Credit Score
  • Establishing Credit

*Communities Unlimited, Inc. is not affiliated with Fannie Mae

Arkansas Delta

Do you live in the Arkansas Delta?  Would you like to own your own home but not sure where to start? Use the form to speak to our housing counselor and begin your journey to home ownership.

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