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E-Wealth Health

Entrepreneurship is more than a business plan.  It’s more than a job.  We see entrepreneurship as a vehicle to build a better life.  Our E-Wealth Health program is uniquely designed to reduce the wealth gap and utilize your business to reduce the wealth gap and build generational wealth.  But, don’t take it just from us, have a listen to what our clients say.

Our Approach

We know that running a business is hard work. Our management consultants conduct a thorough assessment with you for development of a comprehensive plan addressing the actual needs of the business and the capacity building needs of the business owner. Then, we implement the plan alongside the business owner.

Building capacity of minority-owned businesses to help them close the wealth gap

Working alongside small businesses to problem-solve issues and help them grow

Developing a holistic workplan based on the stage of your business lifecycle

"Communities Unlimited has provided my wife and me the opportunity to grow ourselves...They taught us how to put a business model together, structure ourselves appropriately, make sure our books are in order."

— Doshon Johnson, Urban Heights Investments, LLC

Our Services

Our services are delivered as:

Self-Paced eLearningsLive TrainingsOne-On-One Engagements

Here are some of our most common services:

Capital & Contract Readiness

Financial Management

Loan Packaging

Business Planning

Strategic Planning

Wealth Building

We specialize in working alongside small business owners over several months to a year to help improve management skills while also increasing the profitability of the business for capital readiness and owner wealth building.

“Communities Unlimited not only was there to help with the loan process, but also to teach me how to do financial statements and balance sheets and just some of the things I needed to do more on the financial and banking side.”

— Anna Lisa Ramos, Cocina On The Go

Entrepreneurship Stories

Entrepreneurship Team

Small business owners are some of our favorite people. Why? Because we’ve been where you are before. We know how it is. Tapping into our team’s experience and education to assist your business is something we all wished we’d had.