Adding value to underserved rural communities by supporting them in capacity building

Community Sustainability

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The Process

The process begins with a community assessment that provides important business and market data. Communities Unlimited facilitates the formation of a diverse leadership team bringing together pillars of the community. The leadership team is instrumental in the creation, development and implementation of the change strategies for the community.

Our Resources

WealthWorks ™ tools develop value chains that create economic drivers
Community assessments provide business and market data
Small business consultants provide one-on-one support
Water and wastewater experts provide technical assistance
Loans for small businesses, water and wastewater systems and community facilities

Growing Local Leaders

We work with the community to build diverse leadership teams motivated to develop their skills and benefit the community as a whole through:

Identifying personal strengths & unique community assets
Learning about entrepreneurial ecosystems to grow business
Connect local resources to activate a community's power to change

Michelle Viney accepts a key to the city of Mulberry, AR from Mayor Gary Baxter

Community Sustainability Stories

Community Sustainability Team