About Broadband at Communities Unlimited

Broadband Cables being laid in the country

We are committed to bringing broadband access and equity to rural communities in our seven state coverage area.  Disconnected communities mean disadvantaged communities.

The pandemic exposed the importance of a high-speed internet connection, as many Americans have been forced to live online. Yet, tens of millions of people across the country, especially in rural areas and tribal lands, lack the kind of fast or reliable connection they need for things like work, school and telehealth. Most of the people who lack access to broadband live in rural, remote, low-income and tribal lands. Low population density and geographic barriers may discourage a service provider from offering service to that region.

We're working to overcome these obstacles. Improved broadband means improved opportunities for these communities.

American Connection Corps AmeriCorps Host Site

Communities Unlimited is proud to be a 2023 Host Site for the American Connection Corps AmeriCorps program. 2023 will be the first year that Communities Unlimited has been a Host Site. It is another way that CU’s Community Sustainability Team can work with communities about broadband.

Communities Unlimited began our broadband initiative as part of its Community Sustainability work in 2022 to educate and facilitate bringing broadband internet connection to rural communities across our service area. Increased internet speeds open access to telehealth, online education and remote work opportunities.

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