Be Part of the CU Solution

When all people have clean, safe water; healthy, fresh food; the opportunity to make a living wage; and hope for a better tomorrow, they can begin to work together to create opportunities for themselves and the people and places they love.

Through human connection, hard work, ingenuity, and strategic partnership with organizations like Communities Unlimited, Southern communities are breaking free from generations of poverty and reconnecting to their own inherent strengths and potential.

CU takes a community-based, regional approach to solving the challenges that threaten communities’ survival. Through a hands-on partnership with CU, communities that have historically been overlooked and underestimated are on the path, for the first time, to economic stability and vitality.

In a region with few local funders and little nonprofit capacity, CU provides an on-ramp for philanthropies and individual investors seeking to make an impact in the Rural South. 

Our work is technical, but the reason we do it is not – we do what we do because we know that improving the lives and livelihoods of the communities we serve benefits all. 

Join us in being a part of the solution. Contact us to invest in CU or make a tax-deductible donation below.
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