Breakeven Analysis & Pricing

We will look into breakeven analysis, that’s useful in the determination of a desired sales mix in either unit (quantity) or revenue (sales dollar) terms. The concept is also useful for establishing the lowest acceptable price.

Bookkeeping Part 3: Breakeven and Pricing

This workshop will help you determine what is the breakeven dollar amount for your business, and how much it will cost to produce your products/services or to operate your business.

Website Basics

Are you thinking about creating a website and don't know where to start? In this Workshop we will go through the different platforms for building a website and the importance of having a website for your business.

Financial Statements Explained

When you own a small business, good financial record-keeping is a powerful tool. And then, knowing what balance sheet, income statement and statement of cashflow are is essential in understanding how healthy your business is, and also in making sound business decisions.

Digital Marketing; Developing a Strategy

You want to start a plan for your digital marketing but don't know where to start, or want to know if it is worth creating a strategy? In this workshop, we will cover the importance of working on a strategy for your business and also how to know if it is working.

Bookkeeping 2

This webinar will explain how to account for operating expenses and the Cost of Goods Sold (CSG).

Building an Effective Website

This webinar walks you through designing and building your own websites, with contents that tells your stories and keeps attracting customers. Three modules: (1) Marketing 101 – Identifying & Understanding Your Customer and (2) Digital Identity & Content Creations, and (3) Building a Website

Bookkeeping with Google Sheets

Bookkeeping With Google Sheets provides a brief lesson in what bookkeeping is, why it is important, and an easy way to set up a bookkeeping system.

Bookkeeping with Google Sheets (Spanish)

En este taller, vamos a ver brevemente la importancia de llevar la contabilidad en un negocio y como establecer un sistema contable simple con Google Sheets.

CU Virtual Bookkeeping Presentation

This training will cover Bookkeeping 1.