Estimating Your Total Accessible Market

In this webinar, we will discuss the revenue opportunities available for a product or service and the inclusive design practices that make it possible for users of all abilities to fully experience the brand, receive and understand communication, and take advantage of opportunities to engage with and become fans of the brand, services, or products.

Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs Part 2 of 3: Increase Awareness on Capital Resources

In Partnership with Epicenter Memphis. At different stages of business, you will have a need for different amount and nature of capital/funding. What to look for? Where to look? and How should you consider approaching them? **Epicenter supports entrepreneurship in the greater Memphis area.

WBS-South Small Business Financial Basics Part 2 of 3: Understanding the Balance Sheet

In Partnership with Women’s Business Center South. Want to understand the Balance Sheet and the story it tells about your business? - Balance Sheet, also called Statement of Financial Position, provides information on the health of your company. We will go over each element of Balance Sheet, and cover how it is used to monitor trends as well as performance indicator ratios.

Digital Marketing: Content Creation

This webinar focuses on developing content for your website and social media accounts that provides value to visitors and helps attract new viewers and retain site visitors.

Intro to the Cash Flow Statement & Cash Flow Planning

The Cash Flow Statement is often overlooked but just as important in telling the story of your business as the P&L or Balance Sheet. Want to understand how to read a Statement of Cash Flows and what it means for your business? Join us as we discuss the elements that make up the cash flow statement and, most important, how to plan for your cash flow.

Breakeven Analysis & Pricing @ GEW

In conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Week We will look into breakeven analysis, that’s useful in the determination of a desired sales mix in either unit (quantity) or revenue (sales dollar) terms. The concept is also useful for establishing the lowest acceptable price.

Digital Marketing: Developing a Sales Funnel

A focus on what a sales funnel is and what small business owners need to know about them from generating leads, maximizing your click-through rate, and call to action for finalizing the sales transaction.

WBS-South Small Business Financial Basics, Part 1 of 3: Understanding the Income Statement

In Partnership with Women’s Business Center South. Want to understand the Income Statement (Profit & Loss Statement) and the story it tells about your business? - Income Statement shows how profitable your company is. We will go over each element of Income Statement as well as the importance of Bookkeeping, and cover how you maintain a solid monitoring tool of your profit.

Coming Up With Capital: How to Fund Your Business

Join Communities Unlimited for their ribbon cutting, lunch and panel discussion with representatives from four local banks! Communities Unlimited and bank representatives will focus on ways to fund your business, both through commercial lending as well as other non-traditional opportunities.

Digital Marketing -- The Fundamentals

Social media is the rage of the age in terms of creating awareness of products and services. Learning to effectively utilize these channels to create awareness and attract customers is the objective of this webinar.