For Arkansas entrepreneur Araceli Ochoa, the journey from waitress to business owner wasn’t just about financial success. It was about crafting a lifestyle that allowed her to be present with her 8-year-old daughter, Victoria, while pursuing her passion.

“I wanted something more mobile, where I could bring my daughter along without worrying about a sitter,” Ochoa said. “We call them adventures – just me and her, out in the world, making memories together.”

Ochoa took a leap of faith and founded NWA Rolling Video Games, LLC in December 2022. NWA Rolling Video Games, much like a food truck, is a mobile gaming center with systems that can be rented hourly for birthday parties or other special events. The video game party service serves all of Northwest Arkansas.

“It’s about bringing something new, something exciting,” Ochoa explained with excitement. “I wanted to break the mold, to offer an experience that hadn’t been seen in our community before.”

Ochoa got the idea for NWA Rolling Video Games while brainstorming on YouTube. She came across another mobile video game center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which calls themselves Rolling Video Games, and that’s when the idea popped in her head to start one in the NWA region.

The Arkansas entrepreneur’s mobile gaming truck has five TVs which can accommodate approximately 8-12 people. NWA Rolling Video Games offers two PlayStation 5s, two Xboxes, and a Nintendo Switch inside. Outside, there’s an awning that opens and there’s two additional TVs with a PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, making it capable of entertaining crowds.

NWA Rolling Video Games offers sports games like Madden NFL or NBA 2K, Fortnite, Minecraft, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros.

“It’s an experience where you come in and get to game with your buddies, compete in something new instead of being at home playing by yourself or on the headset with your friend across town or even across the country,” Ochoa said. “You have your buddies right next to you where you can show off your skills and just laugh.”

It’s not just for kids, either. Many adults have rented out the game truck for various events. Parents can even indulge in old-school classics like Tetris, offering them a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

“It’s cool seeing it firsthand and seeing the little faces and even the big faces,” Ochoa said. “The old school games can bring parents back to their childhood. They get to do that while their kids are making memories of their own inside, and it’s just being part of that all at once. It’s awesome. I just sit back and take it all in. And those overwhelming, stressful days go away in that minute.”

NWA Rolling Video Games
Arkansas entrepreneur Araceli Ochoa created NWA Rolling Video Games to allow her to spend times with her daughter and build wealth for her family

Needing assistance with her marketing, Arkansas entrepreneur Ochoa looked for ways to improve her business from the outside. She found Communities Unlimited (CU) through an internet search and connected with CU’s Lending team. Ochoa started working with Area Director Debra Williams on a Small Business Association (SBA) loan that would help with the costs of hiring a social media marketing company and creating a digital marketing strategy.

Over the next five to six months, Ochoa also plans to hire a videographer to create a commercial for use in advertisements, buy radio ads, and advertise in local news publications. She would also like to do more website optimization.

“Communities Unlimited has helped me tremendously. They got me more organized in the marketing aspect and getting more familiar with owning a business. This is my first time owning a business, and I'm learning as I go. There's a lot that I don't think I would be able to do without the team at Communities Unlimited. I’m grateful they have programs to help with my business.”

Williams said working with Ochoa was a delight.

“This Arkansas entrepreneur is a young single mother who is determined to show her child that with hard work, you can do anything,” Williams said. “She is determined to take her and her little family out of poverty by investing in this new business opportunity. Ms. Ochoa worked two and three jobs to make all the initial investments into NWA Rolling Video Games. CU’s role is to help Araceli expand her market and be successful.”

Since December 2023, business has been booming. In April alone, NWA Rolling Video Games will be involved in 14 events, so the opportunity is there to generate more exposure and potentially increase number of bookings.

As NWA Rolling Video Games celebrates its busiest month yet, Ochoa took a moment to reflect on the joy she’s brought children and the memories she’s created with her own daughter.

“I envisioned this journey, and now it’s happening,” Ochoa said. “It hasn’t been easy, but we’re getting there. I’m glad I went this route.”