Tennessee Entrepreneur Gwendolyn Tucker went from crunching numbers in corporate finance to guiding leaders toward success. Now, as President of Respect Integrity Excellence (RIX), she’s helping companies thrive through coaching and training.

Tucker’s 25 years of experience highlight how passion drives career growth. She’s a trusted advisor in leadership, development, diversity, and performance management.

RIX International started as a coaching firm but now offers consulting and training as well. Tucker works with companies to make the most of their human capital investment.

“One of the things I love is just meeting people,” Tucker said. “Learning more about people and seeing how I help them be more effective and at their best. That’s just my natural bent and personality. I’m a high relationship person and an active individual. Relationships are important to me. Collaborating is important to me. We must work well together to get things done.”

Gwendolyn Tucker
Gwendolyn Tucker (center) coaches people on teamwork in business and works with CU's Entrepreneurship Team to maximize her business efforts

Tucker believes people are a company’s greatest asset. Despite her financial background, she sees the tendency to view employees as expenses rather than assets. She’s driven to teach effective teamwork and collaboration, aiming to show the true worth of every team member.

“I naturally gravitate towards teamwork,” Tucker said. “But not everyone excels at it. That’s why I’m passionate about guiding others on how to collaborate effectively, which drives me to do what I do.”

In her business, Tucker creates courses and training materials. She runs everything from her home in Memphis and hires workers to help with training and consulting.

Tucker’s website, rixinternational.com, gets 10,000 visits monthly, but only a few people sign up for her courses. Seeking help, she went to a small business workshop in Memphis where she met Communities Unlimited (CU).

Tucker teamed up with the Entrepreneurship Team. They found out most of her participants came from her website or LinkedIn. They suggested she beef up her social media presence and start a newsletter to keep participants informed.

Tucker also learned how to use Facebook tools and increase followers on her LinkedIn page. This helped her make new connections, reach her target audience, and share educational content.

Because of this, Tucker led and took part in more than five events, offering her services. She’s currently collaborating with CU Management Consultant Barretta Robinson to set up QuickBooks.

“Working with Communities Unlimited has been a good experience. It’s helped me focus on things that I’ve not paid attention to. It’s been uncomfortable, but helpful and needed. I like their approach in terms of helping me see how I can grow. It has been good.  It’s been an eye-opener. I think it will continue to be great working with CU.”

— Gwendolyn Tucker, President, RIX International