In 2019, Zebrina Robertson started Tax Blueprint in Texarkana, Texas, to provide affordable tax preparation, insurance, and financial services to her community.

Driven by fairness, Robertson left her previous job due to high fees for low-income individuals. She started Tax Blueprint to provide affordable financial services to everyone.

Seeking outside consulting, Robertson connected with Communities Unlimited (CU) on Sept. 25, 2023, at CU’s Grand Opening in Texarkana, located in Bowie County within the T.L.L. Temple Foundation’s service area.

With help from CU’s Entrepreneurship Team and Management Consultant Trent Thomason, Robertson aimed to improve her business processes and achieve consistent income. A key focus was improving her cash flow management.

Robertson and Thomason found a lucrative job opportunity with Intuit during tax season. By updating her resume and using her 14 years of experience in the industry, Robertson secured the position and boosted her income.

Reflecting on her experience with CU, Robertson highlights the impactful personalized approach.

"It has been great working with CU. I've been learning a lot of new things, especially about personal finances, as well as planning and preparing for financial health. CU has broadened my view on how to approach finances and how to incorporate things in my own life, but then also share that information with my clients."

— Zebrina Robertson, Owner, Tax Blueprint

Tax Blueprint stands out with its comprehensive financial planning. Robertson offers clients a free Financial Needs Analysis (FNA), helping them plan for college, retirement, or wealth growth.

“People don’t realize or understand how money works,” Robertson said. “When you sit them down to discuss their finances, especially during tax time, you can educate them on budgeting and planning for the future. I can show people on paper where they are financially and where they can go with proper planning.”

Robertson’s work with CU and Thomason has been crucial to her business’s growth. Thomason praises her dedication and progress.

“Zebrina has impressed me with the number of gains she has made on all levels,” Thomason said. “She has shown a tremendous amount of tenacity by continuing to show up to our sessions, put in the work, and increase her skills and outcomes.”

Working with CU has helped Robertson grow her business and improve her financial skills and confidence.

“CU has helped me level up my financial skills,” Robertson said. “We’ve used a holistic approach, building confidence from past successes and setting inspiring goals.”