Financing Your Business

This training will review the sources of capital for a start-up, and the pros and cons of each.

Google My Business

This training will go over the Google My Business Application.

Intro to the Cash Flow Statement & Cash Flow Planning

The Cash Flow Statement is often overlooked but just as important in telling the story of your business as the P&L or Balance Sheet. Want to understand how to read a Statement of Cash Flows and what it means for your business? Join us as we discuss the elements that make up the cash flow statement and, most important, how to plan for your cash flow.

Webinar: Contracts, Founders Agreements, and Operating Agreements

This webinar is presented by Wake Forest University Law School and highlights the key elements of contracts and agreements important to small business owners.

Common Tax Issues

This webinar is presented by the Wake Forest University Law School and highlights various issues small businesses face when it comes to dealing with taxes.

Understanding the Income Statement

This training will explain the elements of the income statement and how the entire income statement provides the business owner with the financial status of the company.

Webinar: Legal Structure For your Business -- Entity Choice & Formation

This webinar is being presented by Wake Forest University and will highlight the various options for the legal structure of your business and the requirements for legal formation.

Digital Marketing – Leveraging Social Media

Social media is the rage of the age in terms of creating awareness of products and services. Learning to effectively utilize these channels to create awareness and attract customers is the objective of this webinar.

Marketing Digital- ¿Cómo utilizar las redes sociales para su negocio?

Las redes sociales están de moda en términos de crear conciencia sobre productos y servicios. Aprender a utilizar eficazmente estos canales para crear conciencia y atraer clientes es el objetivo de este seminario.

Breakeven Analysis & Pricing

We will look into breakeven analysis, that’s useful in the determination of a desired sales mix in either unit (quantity) or revenue (sales dollar) terms. The concept is also useful for establishing the lowest acceptable price.