Financial Statements Explained

When you own a small business, good financial record-keeping is a powerful tool. It is essential to understand a balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flow. These financial statements can show how the health your business, and help you make sound business decisions.

Cómo crear un perfil de Instagram para empresas

Si eres una empresa que busca crear seguidores en Instagram y usar la plataforma estratégicamente, necesitarás un perfil de Instagram para empresas. Esto se debe a que existen muchas ventajas adicionales que mejoran la utilidad de Instagram para una marca.

Break-Even Calculations and Pricing

Learn the difference between the cost of goods sold, operating, fixed, and variable expenses; how to calculate the amount of sales needed to break-even; and review pricing strategies. Participants who provide the NAICS of their business will receive a complimentary Bizminer industry financial report to see how they stack up.

Bookkeeping w/ Google Sheets

Learn how to easily track business income and expenses with Google Sheets.

Photography for Business

Photography for Business is a workshop designed to help business owners maximize the equipment they already have in order to create the perfect photographs for any aspect of business use.

Marketing Through Email

Learn how to use this digital marketing strategy to develop relationships with prospects and customers.

Bookkeeping Part 6 - Cash Flows

Understanding Cash Flows and the story it tells others about your business:

  • ​Cash due to operating the business
  • Cash due to investing in the business
  • Cash due to financing the business
  • Cash Flow Ratios

Communities Unlimited - Texas Panhandle Town Hall

Join this Town Hall type of event to learn how Communities Unlimited is working to better the Texas Panhandle. Communities leaders, current/potential business owners, and individuals are all invited to learn how the CU mission is going to make the Texas Panhandle a better place to live and work.

Breakeven Analysis & Pricing

We will look into breakeven analysis, that’s useful in the determination of a desired sales mix in either unit (quantity) or revenue (sales dollar) terms. The concept is also useful for establishing the lowest acceptable price.

Local SEO - Spanish

¿Quieres entender qué es SEO y cómo funciona? ¿Quiere aprender sobre marketing SEO y cómo aplicarlo para su propio negocio? Hemos creado este seminario en línea para enseñarle más sobre el significado de SEO, la optimización de SEO y el marketing de SEO. Con este recurso, podrá entender qué es SEO y generar resultados a largo plazo.