Matt Smith owns Machinewerx CNC in Hartford, Arkansas. Machinewerx CNC is a precision machine shop that manufactures fabricated metal products and specializes in CNC Lathe and Mill Machining. Matt came to Communities Unlimited (CU) for a small business loan that would help his business meet increased demand.

CNC stands for Computerized Numerical Control. It is a computerized manufacturing process in which pre-programmed software and code controls the movement of production equipment.

Matt’s focus at Machinewerx is machining parts for racecar engines.  He’s always been a racing fan and can often be found watching racing at the local track or on television.

Matt Smith, owner of Machinewerx, stands beside his new CNC lathe purchased with a small business loan from CU. Matt builds all varieties of parts, but much of his business comes from racing clients

As far back as he can remember, machines have been part of his everyday life. Matt’s father had a machine shop, so it was not a surprise when Matt followed his father’s example and started working with his father in the industry all through high school and even after graduation. The business was a family business, and Matt worked alongside his dad, mom, uncle, and brother. It was not long until Matt decided to take a different direction. He left the family business and decided to be a truck driver.

Matt quickly learned that truck driving was not for him. He was married with young children and wanted to be home with them. He decided to go back to what he knew best, machine work. Matt worked for four years at a machine company in Greenwood, Arkansas. Matt shared, “it was a great place to work; everybody got along and knew each other.”

However, Matt did not feel content. He wanted something more for himself.

Matt Smith at Machinewerx, a CNC machining shop in Hartford, AR, creates custom parts for his clients. A small business loan from Communities Unlimited helped him purchase a new lathe to keep up with new orders.

His father had passed away, and his mother had remarried. Matt talked to his mom and stepdad about his goals for himself and his family. His stepdad funded him some money to buy his first machine.

Matt had a machine and a dream and decided to spend time and money focusing on his new business. He eventually purchased a building and some manufacturing equipment to get started.

As soon as the new machine hit the floor, his company started booming, so much so that he needed another new device to keep up with client demand.  That’s when he started looking for a small business loan to help purchase a new machine.

“I just got busy with my current machine, but it wasn’t handling everything alone. I was working overtime; I needed to save my sanity.”

 Matt Smith, Owner Machinewerx

Matt researched small business loans and discovered CU’s small business loan program while searching the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) page. He contacted CU and started the loan process.

Matt runs Machinewerx by himself, except for the occasional drop-in help from one of his sons. He hopes that one day he can fully show his son all the ins and outs of the business, the same way his father did for him.

Matt’s passion for his work shows in the slogan printed on his business cards and website: “Small enough to care, big enough to get it done right!”

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