The City of Wellman is located in Terry County, Texas, about an hour from Lubbock, Texas. Wellman was incorporated in 1975. The city was once a shipping point on the Santa Fe Railroad. The town was named after Augustus Ogden Wellman, an assistant to the railroad’s secretary and treasurer. The city offers residents a rural feel and has a population of approximately 200 residents.

In 1994, the city purchased the Wellman Water Supply Corporation and received a loan from the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) to install a sewer system. Since then, the city has been in control of both the water and sewer departments.

Wellman Texas
Wellman, Texas has worked with Communities Unlimited on their water system projects and when it came time to purchase a new lift station pump, they didn't hesitate to reach out for assistance

On Mother’s Day, May 2023, the City of Wellman’s second lift station pump malfunctioned. They had previously worked with CU in 2020 on another project, so the City of Wellman immediately contacted Communities Unlimited (CU) to assist them with the repairs, maintenance, and equipment replacement for the two station pumps.

The City of Wellman started working on their loan with CU’s Small Business and Environmental Lender, Chris Ranniger. “The City of Wellman has a great staff. Nathan and Taylor were instrumental in helping me get this done. I wish them the best.” Chris shared.

The warning system did not alert the operator when the first pump went out, so when the second pump malfunctioned, the system had issues. The project consists of three new pumps. The replacement of two pumps and a backup pump, and vacuum truck fees, as well as lift station cleaning, repair, and labor costs. The project will allow the city to continue providing sewer services to the community.

The system’s City Secretary, Taylor Kirkland, is relatively new and received training from the pump manufacturer on better maintaining the lift station. “I enjoyed working with Communities Unlimited on the loan. I had recently had surgery, and CU worked with my schedule. CU was easy to work with and was lenient.” Taylor stated.

The City of Wellman closed on its loan on September 11, 2023.