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Families First & CARES Act FAQs

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What information will you need to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program Loan? We have compiled some helpful resources: a list of documents needed from round 1 and an example of a payroll summary and schedule of hourly employees hours and rates.

SBA & Disaster Loan Funding FAQs

Yes! You can get started by visiting and setting up an account there.

You are encouraged to start the application process, but you cannot complete it until your county is declared a disaster area. Once that happens, you will receive an email from the SBA informing you that you can complete the application process.

The SBA has a list of states and counties that are currently designated as disaster areas, including those designated specifically for COVID-19 and those designated for other reasons, such as drought. You can find the full, searchable list HERE.

Fill out the Estimated Disaster Economic Injury Worksheet for Businesses. In order for a county to be declared a disaster, at least five businesses in the county must submit this form. This form will tell the Small Business Administration how your business and area is negatively impacted and will help ensure your county is designated a disaster area.

In Arkansas, you can submit the form to

Outside of Arkansas,  you can submit the form to

Yes. Your lender must include specific language in the loan document. If you apply for interim financing, ask your lender to ensure the language in the loan agreement will support a takeout if your disaster loan is approved.

Your loan will need to meet the SBA’s underwriting guidelines. SBA will be available to answer questions and assist you through the process.

Communities Unlimited can only answer on behalf of its own process, so borrowers should contact their lenders to understand and negotiate their terms.

Communities Unlimited will work with its borrowers who are engaged and who provide the required information.

Communities Unlimited Assistance

Yes! We are working hard to assist you. We are using top technology to stay connected and keep in touch in order to attend to your needs.

For the well-being of our staff, partners and clients we are working remotely and remain available by phone, video conference, email, social media and our website contact forms.  Call 479-443-2700 or connect through the Contact Us form on this website.

We are offering an immediate 90-day deferment of payments. We understand this may not be resolved in 90 days, but this will give you time to develop strategies for your business as that deadline approaches.

For businesses who need assistances with planning strategies for their business, Communities Unlimited has consultants who can provide assistance virtually.

Yes! You can apply for a loan through Communities Unlimited’s lending programs now.

A critical question to consider is whether the loan allows you to make critical changes to your business model for immediate and long-term success.

You can start the loan application process through our website HERE.

You can call our main number at (479) 443-2700 and someone will assist you. Or you can use our Contact Form.