Gaylen Fincher is an entrepreneur from Texarkana, Texas. He has been around construction his whole life. His father and grandfather are carpenters, and he has watched them work since childhood. Gaylen started working with them at twelve years old. As he got older, Gaylen spent fifteen years doing various jobs around the country in paper mills, chemical plants, and refineries. Gaylen is no stranger to hard work. Through the years, he has owned and operated several businesses. Gaylen’s wife runs a resale shop, and Gaylen helps as needed.

Since Gaylen has a carpenter background, he enjoys fixing things. At the resale shop, Gaylen takes broken electronics and finds ways to repair them and make them usable so that he can resale them. His hobby has recently led him to a new career.

After searching for a shed at several large home centers, Gaylen could not find anything at the price he wanted, which forced him to take a different approach. He had a background in carpentry work, so Gaylen designed and built a shed on his own. This saved him time and money, and he got what he wanted without the hassle of shopping around.

This gave him an idea. If he needs help finding the shed he wants at a reasonable price, others probably have this same issue.

Gaylen purchased a mentorship/web course that offers a masterclass with a series of steps and instructional videos, plus one-on-one coaching to teach all the necessary steps to someone interested in owning a shed business.

Gaylen knew that this was his next big thing. He could own a new business and help customers find a reasonably priced shed.

In 2023, Gaylen reached out to a local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to help guide him in the right direction on a new business venture that he had in the works. The SBDC referred him to the Communities Unlimited (CU) Lending Department. Gaylen had a business plan and business projections. Everything was in place, but he needed expenses for the equipment, supplies, and miscellaneous items to get his new start-up on-site shed construction business idea off the ground.

“Gaylen was a pleasure to work with. He went beyond what was needed to answer all my questions. I look forward to seeing his success as I check on him periodically.”

— Chris Ranniger, CU Small Business Loan Officer

Christopher Ranniger

After working with CU, Gaylen began taking steps to make Express Shed N More a reality. Gaylen’s company builds sheds on-site for customers, allowing no harm to the customer’s yards. The company offers different sizes of sheds designed for all types of weather and made of lasting materials.

Gaylen worked with the Communities Unlimited Lending Team on his loan and was able to close in early June 2023. Gaylen is now doing what he loves and helping people like himself get the sheds that they need.