After taking over her late husband’s coffee business in 2017, Louisiana Entrepreneur Amanda Phillips had no idea that her small coffee shop would still be brewing almost fourteen years later. Amanda owns Tamp & Grind Coffee LLC., a destination spot locals and travelers visit for games, friendships, good conversation, and coffee.

Amanda Phillips
Amanda Phillips has created a coffeeshop in Alexandria, LA that is coffee-first with a strong sense of community. Now, she's looking to upgrade equipment to better serve her customers.

Tamp & Grind is located in Downtown Alexandria, Louisiana, nestled between two major highways and close to the Red River and Central Louisiana Technical Community College. The shop is located in a trendy area of town and gets many repeat customers and out-of-town drop-ins. Tamp & Grind will celebrate its fourteenth year in February. Amanda is excited about the milestone but knows there is much to do to prepare for the “Tampiversary.”

Early in the business, Tamp & Grind went under an expansion to start operating the business in two areas of the building to create one cohesive shop. In 2019, Tamp & Grind began working with Communities Unlimited (CU) on a loan to remodel the expanded portion of their shop and purchase some new equipment.

The original portion of the shop has remained unchanged since opening. The coffee shop has grown considerably during the last two years, and Louisiana Entrepreneur Amanda Phillips feels that Tamp & Grind needs a remodel, updated equipment, and advertising for the growing business.


In the summer of 2023, Amanda contacted CU again for a loan to upgrade her business. She started working with Communities Unlimited Lending Department again. “I knew my previous experience working with CU was great, so I wanted to repeat it.” Amanda shared.

“The CU Lending Team worked hard for me. I believe that they listened and fought for my dream. Everyone was kind, supportive, and invested in my business. In retrospect, the first time, I didn’t know what I was doing, and now, moving forward, I am excited to keep my dream going, and I am thankful for CU’s support.” Amanda concluded.

Amanda closed on her new loan and will start working on the renovations soon. She plans to replace one of the bars and the espresso machine. Amanda said the existing device is outdated and does not keep up with the number of customers who frequent her shop. She is excited to get everything going. Amanda stated that these changes will also mean changes to the everyday routine. She envisions her role in the company changing, as well as the roles for some of the staff, but she is excited about the changes and to watch her staff and company grow. She says that her customers and her staff are family to her, and she wants to provide them with the best service she can.

Cup of Coffee
Tamp and Grind has been a fixture in downtown Alexandria, LA and continues to expand it's offerings with new menu items and custom coffee. A new espresso machine will make their service even better than their loyal customers already say it is.

Amanda has to keep up with the everyday changes to make sure that the magic that her husband started will continue as she carries out his legacy.

A lot has changed since Louisiana entrepreneur Amanda first stepped foot into Tamp & Grind. The first time, she was a customer and met her future husband all those years ago; now, she carries on the business that he once started.

Amanda continues the journey by keeping up with the business changes, including updating and adding new menu items to the shop. That first day, she had no idea what her future held, and now the business is her daily grind, but Amanda wouldn’t want it any other way.