Amanda George owns No Dress Code, an online boutique specializing in women’s and children’s apparel and accessories, based in Russellville, Arkansas who came to Communities Unlimited seeking a small business loan to fund her startup.

Amanda was born and raised in the Russellville area and has worked as a third-grade teacher in the Russellville School District for over ten years. Amanda loves teaching and wanted to be a teacher even when she was younger. Amanda also loves fashion and has explored owning her boutique for several years. She finally decided, why not do both?

Through the years, Amanda has worked in the clothing and retail industries. She worked with a local boutique and assisted the owner with sales and inventory as an ambassador. She also worked as a cashier for a major store chain and has been an independent cosmetic sales consultant for over a year, handling online sales, product management, social media marketing, and retail sales.

Amanda George (right) a school teacher from Russellville, AR, owns No Dress Code, an online boutique who came to CU for a small business loan
Amanda George (right) a school teacher from Russellville, AR, owns No Dress Code, an online boutique who came to CU for a small business loan

Her husband and his father own and operate a jewelry store that has been in the family for decades, which Amanda has worked at from time to time over the last ten years.

This experience made Amanda want to pursue her dream even more. She contacted the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center (ASBTDC). The ASBTDC is a go-to resource to help entrepreneurs start or grow businesses in Arkansas. Amanda started working with Rhonda Hawkins from the ASBTDC.

Amanda learned about Communities Unlimited (CU) during her journey with Rhonda. Amanda started working with the CU Lending Team on a Small Business Association (SBA) loan that would help with the start-up cost for her new business.

“Communities Unlimited has been so helpful and understanding. It was a wild experience and a whole new wheelhouse for us, but the Communities Unlimited team had grace and patience and assisted me through the small business loan process.”

— Amanda George, Owner, No Dress Code

Amanda closed on her small business loan in early September, and although things have been busy with school back in session, she is ready to see her online store get fully started.

Amanda and a friend who teaches at her school will maintain the boutique. No Dress Code will have the latest trends for women and children, and Amanda says that eventually, maybe some things for men. Amanda says the shop will be very family-friendly and will offer sensory options, as well. She says there is no right way to dress or look; it’s all about being yourself, and she wants her store to represent that. “We believe it is all about being comfortable with who you are, and we are open to all possibilities,” Amanda concluded.

Someday, No Dress Code may be a full-time job and maybe even a brick-and-mortar, but for now, Amanda is excited to pull her heart into her new online creation.