Eyeka Davis from Madisonville, Texas knows all too well about the daily struggles to provide for her family. Her primary focus as a mother is to keep her family safe and healthy. She dedicates her life to taking care of her family.

Eyeka has been homeless and has faced many hardships that have forced her into financial stress. She has leaned on her brother for support. He recently gave Eyeka a trailer. She now has lights, but no source of water.

Eyeka Davis's trailer in Madisonville, TX
Eyeka Davis's trailer in Madisonville, TX

Amongst the personal struggles, safe running water has not been a part of her everyday life. Eyeka’s grandfather originally lived on the property and the family has never had a source of water. Eyeka remembers being required to haul water for her family to use. This made things very difficult for Eyeka and her family.

Eyeka searched online for a potential partner that could assist her with her family’s water issues. She decided to find an agency that helps families with water wells. In her extensive research for a solution, Eyeka was introduced to Communities Unlimited (CU).

Eyeka reached out to CUs Lending Team and started working with CU’s Environmental Lender. Communities Unlimited explained to Eyeka about the low-interest loans that CU offers to eligible households in need of a new well or repair of an existing well.

Eyeka Davis has construction started to install a new septic system
Digging for a new septic system begins

CU assisted Eyeka and her family with the application process and worked with her to ensure that she met all of the eligibility criteria. Once eligibility was determined, Eyeka’s loans were processed in May and August of 2022, and a new septic system and well were installed, ending the many decades of struggle that the family had been faced with, as they maintained a life without water. Having a new septic system and well has been a blessing for Eyeka and her family. She no longer has to face the daily challenge of hauling water to provide for her family’s needs.

Septic tank
Eyeka Davis received a loan from Communities Unlimited for a new septic system and well on her property

“Communities Unlimited has truly been a blessing to me. I am glad that there is an agency that really helps families that are in my situation. The process was simple and the water works great! Thank you “Communities Unlimited”, your service is a blessing for the Rural Community.” Eyeka said.

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