Old West Mobile Home Park is a small mobile home park community and water system that is located off McCormick Road on Interstate Highway 27, in Randall County, near the city of Amarillo, Texas. Old West Mobile Home Park houses very low-income tenants and some are disabled. Patrick Judd with Turn Key Wealth Builders, located out of San Diego, California, owns and operates the mobile home park and maintains the water system that the residents rely on for their drinking water.

As the owner, Patrick spends his time improving the living conditions and water issues that the tenants and landowners face. In early 2022, as part of his improvement to the mobile home park, Patrick recruited Joe Shane Engineering (JSE), in Amarillo to determine how to approach water issues that the park was facing. These issues included dry pumping and other low water level problems.

JSE recommended that they drill a new well to provide the residents with reliable water. JSE worked with the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to make sure that the new well met installation standards and minimum requirements.
During these discussions, Patrick was referred to Communities Unlimited (CU), Environmental Team and began working with CU’s West Texas Coordinator, Kurt Grant.

CU worked with Patrick to explore various funding paths, which included Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) grant program as well as the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). Since the mobile home park is privately owned, there is limited federal assistance available.

In June of 2022, after recommendations from the project engineer, Turn Key Wealth Builders decided that the CU loan was the best option for updating their water system. This would improve the water quality for the community.

The next few weeks consisted of the planning and development, and engineering and construction of the new well. However, they discovered some issues related to casing and well integrity. After the issues were identified, JSE advised Turn Key Wealth Builders that the new well could fail, so the team decided to drill an additional well. The additional well led to an increased loan amount from CU.

Kurt assisted them with the loan application, rate study and field assessment. After the rate study was completed, CU suggested that Turn Key Wealth Builders increase the rent of the tenants to assist with the debt payments. The construction reached completion at the end of June. The new well is in working order and the system is awaiting a new service line and inspection.
Turn Key Wealth Builders closed on the Communities Unlimited loan and were able to pay their outstanding bills with the engineering firm and the construction company. The fast turnaround of the loan processing saved the company from additional costs related to water transportation and storage.

“Communities Unlimited came to our rescue. The well costs doubled, and CU allowed us to increase our budget. They helped with the hurdles and I would recommend, CU.” Patrick Judd, Owner of Turn Key Wealth Builders, stated.

“CU was in a unique position to assist Old West Mobile Home Park. Through technical assistance and funding, we were able to relieve the management group of common hardships found in mobile home parks.” Kurt concluded.