The Community Voice - Communities Unlimited 2019 Annual Report

We are thrilled to be able to share our 2019 annual report! We have had an exciting year. We now have a total of 65 employees across our seven states and are continuing to grow every day. Not only have we grown in size but in our ability to strategically blend our services. The Communities Unlimited staff are creating a more significant impact than ever before by identifying and connecting communities and entrepreneurs to all the resources that Communities Unlimited can provide community sustainability, lending, environmental services, entrepreneurship and healthy foods.

We are partnering and collaborating as an organization with an ever-increasing number of nonprofits, foundations, private sector partners and philanthropic organizations, as well as being part of the formation of new collaborations. With the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we are partnering with the Urban Institute and the University of Kentucky to study the impact of infrastructure on health and are one of the Partners for Rural Transformation.

We are proud to have been featured in Empower by GoDaddy Docu-Series “Made In America,” which showed not only our work but the incredible drive and passion of the small business owners that we support every day. We have been recognized for our holistic approach to working with rural communities by the Aspen Institute. There are so many stories to tell and not enough paper to print them all. We’ve selected a few from throughout 2019 to illustrate that with a little support, anyone anywhere can live in a healthy community, work or own a healthy business and have a healthy family.

Read the annual report in its entirety in our About Us section and request a paper copy by emailing